THANK YOU! Thanks to all of you who have reviewed and commented on the draft plan document and your input is very much appreciated. We are now preparing the document for the next stage of the approval process after which we hope the referendum process can commence. We will communicate further progress as it is made.

Open Day : Saturday 13th April 2019

The Steering Group held a successful open day in the Village Hall which presented the latest draft proposals for the Neighbourhood Plan on the topics of Housing, Green Spaces and Landscape Views. Visitors were able to discuss the proposals with Steering Group members who stood by the various display boards. The material presented can be accessed here for those unable to attend.

Visitors were encouraged to write comments on post-it notes and these are being analysed by the Steering Group. We would like to thank all those who attended (93 in total) and those who took the time to provide comments and input.

This open day is part of the community consultation strategy developed to help build both understanding and also involvement from the Quinton Parish community.

Copies of the posters and available documents are available below for your convenience and reference:

Quinton PC posters April 2019

Quinton PC posters 1 April 2019

Quinton Parish map

Quinton Green Spaces Map

Meon Vale Green Spaces Map

Quinton Dark Skies

Footpaths Map

Open Day Housing survey charts

Quinton open day SHLAA poster